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Services Provided by New Generation Restoration in St Petersburg, FL

We offer PFM and Gold Copings and Framework. Every day more Dentists are requesting restorations made with Zirconia. Our milling center designs and mills with the innovative CAD/CAM system. The combination of materials and precision milling produces a strong restoration with an excellent marginal fit. We are here to help our Dentists create new, beautiful smiles for their patients. We are here to help Dental Laboratory's create new, beautiful restorations for their dentists. We take pride in providing flawless restorations with precision and expertise.
Crown and Bridge Dental Lab
  • Copings & Framework
  • Full Contour Zirconia
  • All Ceramic
  • PFM
  • Gold
  • Implant Abutments
  • Local pickup and delivery - Pinellas County (for Dentists only)
  • Shipping via FedEx
  • We can accept your digital design cases from STL files
Monolithic Zirconia - Bridges in St. Petersburg,, FL